Ramuse Truffle Hunting Experience

Ramuse is located in a beautiful isolated valley where the black and rare white truffles can be found.

I can organise on request a unique experience that is very engaging and exciting.

After my experience delivering and selling my truffles in London to the best restaurants I realised that the best thing about truffles is to taste them where they grow. Finding them and cooking with them completes the ambience of this rare tuber.

This unique opportunity is like a treasure hunt that you will always remember.

We will look for truffles in the ground around Ramuse with my two truffle sister dogs Elektra and Ghianda. The hunt normally lasts about an hour, where you can participate directly in the truffle hunt. Then we will collect some fresh eggs from the chicken house and make some fresh handmade tagliatella.

The experience includes a lunch with a local appetiser, fresh pasta prepared together with fresh truffles, a dessert, coffee and a bottle of local organic classic sparkling wine.

The hunting period starts from May until January and the price starts from 140/300 euros, this depends on the period and variety of truffles.

Smelling a fresh truffle that you have just found is an unforgettable experience .

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you wish to make a booking