There are many animals that live at Ramusé; they are all very friendly and sociable. Trilly is my very friendly truffle dog. The cats are called Carota, Adolfina, Puma, Zamp and Merkre

Melissa and her daughter Coccola are pure breed Sardinian donkeys. They wander around Ramusè, and love to be brushed and fed (but please only fruit and vegetables).

The pond near the trees has its own eco system there are toads, frogs, dragonflies waterlillies and iris’ the water is only 30 cm deep. After your evening meal in the Autumn months you can step outside of the dining room and use my sonic bat detector. This machine along with a torch allows you to see and hear the bats using their echolocation system as they dart across the night sky.

Ramuse is far away from other houses and is set deep in the Marche countryside offering you the chance to stargaze as the night sky is crystal clear due to the lack of light pollution.