Many thanks to my good friend Moreno Moretti of Italycharme.com for arranging this article in Forbes magazine and for promoting Ramuse.it and tourism in Le Marche

These are a video produced by the BBC for their Good Food programme. They we’re was taken at Ramuse before I started to restore and shows me and chefs Gennaro Contaldo and Mike Robinson truffle hunting and cooking on my farm.

Among the farms of the Marche, Ramuse is among the most awarded and mentioned in Italy and abroad, for food and for being a special place to stay.

Ramuse Farm is on Jamie Oliver Magazine.

Gets an important recognition on The Guardian (10 of the best hotels in Italy with great food).

It is mentioned on Marco Polo and on Travel365 in the ranking of the 25 best farms in Italy.

Last year we had some truffle hunting parties here at Ramuse with my good friendswww.turismarche.itfrom Petritoli , the town of my birth.
One of their clients who joined us on the hunt was a Norweigan journalist and below is the article he has written about his visit to Le Marche and his day at Ramuse.

As you can see from the photos we had a great day for the hunt Anna Maria gave a pasta making demonstration followed by a lunch of tagliatelle with freshly grated truffle all washed down with some superior local dry white wine.